About us
A.D. Intereuropa is one of the leaders in providing logistics services in Serbia.
A.D. Intereuropa - Logistics Services
Zemunska 174, PAK: 2016611
11272 Belgrade - Dobanovci, Serbia

E: office@intereuropa.rs
T: +381 11 4426-180
F: +381 11 4426-151
Our task is to satisfy all our clients' needs by means of integrated logistics service. We gain our advantage through reliability, promptness, safety, competitive prices and highly trained and experienced staff.
  • 130 employees
  • 15 company-owned delivery vehicles
  • 20,000 m2 of indoor storage space
  • Racking warehouse providing 6,000-pallet storage space
  • 50, 000 m2 of open-air storage space
  • Storage of goods under the customs supervision and customs clearance if necessary
  • Membership in international organisations: FIATA, IATA



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